Tuesday, May 6, 2014


It's 2014 and I'm baaaaaack after a two-year hiatus! I still update my Pinterest account every now and then but Instagram has now become my source for #instafashion. It's all about the hashtags now dah-lings. I stopped my collection of 10+ years worth of  magazines because of free gazillion fashion blogs. And now I stopped regularly checking blogs because of the ease of just scanning a photo feed in just a few minutes. I've been to all the fashion week: #NYFW, #PFW and #MFW), hippest festival, #Coachella and today the grandest ball, #METball. Is Instagram killing fashion blogs the same way fashion blogs has killed print? (Or killing print?) I once saw a fashion blogger posting a super-zoomed in picture of #ootd probably in an attempt to lure followers to check her blog. But sorry, it has not compelled me to choose the longer cut when there are other bloggers who are very much accessible. Why bother going to their websites when they already posted the same photo in instagram? The articles are the same old, longer version of the outfit thought process. And once you have already posted it IG and then later blog about it, it seems old news now.  

Brands have also seen the potential of sponsored events and freebies. All they have to do is to wait for the it-girl or guy to tag them for the thank yous. But unlike personalities and publishers, established fashion brands can be successful in this platform without any risk. It can boost their image and the most important thing is..it's free. I confess right now I follow brands which posts outfit ideas and then I'll just take a screenshot so I can just check it later on my phone even if I'm offline.  

Technology has influenced the voracious taste of the market and the industry has to adapt or be a has-been. I think it's suicide not to embrace change but embracing change is a challenge itself. Social media should be synergy. You have to let it promote you not overpower you. We're all so caught up in the moment now with everything available in an instant. Everything is so fast-paced that it becomes quantity over quality. As a reader, I would want them to write articles that would catch my attention and would make me click their links back to their blogs. Local magazines doesn't even promote their articles. They just promote the covergirls. 

The future of the fashion is scary and exciting. I wonder what would be the next-big thing that I would be posting in another year or two. It's also an irony that I have resurrected this blog with this choice of topic. 

Here are my top 10 fashion Instagrammers:
1. Bryanboycom- He's THE fashion blogger. He's funny and also not afraid to share his opinions.  
2. Evachen212 - The youngest appointed editor-in-chief and leading a new generation of social media advocates. I can also relate to her because she has a geeky side too. 
3. Cocorocha - Whereas the models were meant not to be heard, she crossed this barrier. I think she's the first model to be openly active in social media
4. Chiaraferragni - Her looks are so perfectly done that you'll love to hate her.
5. Voguemagazine - No one beats Vogue for their high-end editorials from glossies and down to IG!
6. Monicarosestyle - She styles the Kardashians but I follow her for her daughter, Rose. The most stylish tot! She's the daughter I never have!  
7. Mellowmayo- I have a love affair with her ultra feminine, romantic style. 
8. Seaofshoes - She has her own fashion world. She's not the predictable girl who goes to all events. She's also like the girl "Bryanboy" to me. She's not afraid to be bitchy. 
9. Romwe - I follow this mainly for street style 
10. Itsjeremyscott - I'm sorry but I find designers' instagram in general very boring but with the exception of Jeremy Scott. His photos are always a visual treat for your eyes.

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