Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I finally went to Forever 21 last Monday, my 21st bday (lol) and bought badly needed basic tees in black, gray and white over trendy pieces. But compared to Topshop, Mango etc the prices are cheaper and the salesladies are from the franchisee SM and they're not snobbish like the said European retails. I think it's a great move for SM to revive Megamall and the former tenant Cinderella is so has-been on its' prime spot.

My friend texted me of some impromptu meeup later that night and decided to buy the lady gaga-esque/ pupe-esque bow. I didn't buy from Forever 21 but instead bought from SM WMW which is P100 cheaper. But what I really wanted was the bow from Yhansy's from Shang but we don't have time to drop by the neighboring mall. First saw it from Crissey. I'm also lusting over their bunny LV-esque headbands that I saw Tricia was wearing.

We're supposed to go to Republiq, the biggest club in the country at Resorts World but it was closed cuz it was a Monday night. FAIL! But it was fun night with my friends.

wearing white headband from SM's WMV, black forever 21 shirt, black necklace from 3-set piece from Watson's, black tights from greenhills, white coat Atmosphere from Aunt Mariss, Guess purse from mom, Lee Cooper jeans that I ripped off and black cutout shoes from Chelsea

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