Saturday, September 18, 2010


Triumvirates - They're bold in mixing their vintage and would-be trendy pieces.

SJP - I've been a fan of SJP and Carrie since SATC. She's very eclectic and I can totally relate with her real life curls and fictional writer persona.

Olsen- I love their avant garde-ness that some people finds it too weird. They're not afraid of their choices. Even their casual paparazzi-ed shots make people question their fashion tastes.

Kate Moss - She's been my fashion icon since highschool. My yearbook description includes her. If people call Audrey Hepburn classic, for me it's Kate Moss.

The Bohemian- Retro and vintage baby!

Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe - I think Nicole is still Rachel Zoe's clone and Rachel Zoe's is not a model of good health but I heck I love their style.

Sienna Miller- Ironically she's Kate Moss' nemesis and was accused of copying her style but I love her too!

Mischa Barton - She had her good and bad days. I hope she cleans up her act.

Red Carpet - My favorite Oscar winners on the red carpet over the years.

Cate Blanchett

Charlize Theron

Gwyneth Paltrow

Nicole Kidman


Rachel Bilson-street smart casuals

Natalie Portman - French and environmental look.

Jessica Alba- mommy fuss-free casuals

Kate Bosworth- Festival Chic


Olivia Palermo - Blair Waldorf in the flesh. I like her covered/mixed/ layered looks. Everybody wants to be sexy.

Young Blood

Emma Watson - This is how teenagers should look like on and off cam. Not like Miley!

Original- They're on a entirely a different league of their own with their original look from casuals to the red carpet.

Diane Kruger

Camille Belle

B & S - The two live up with their reel counterparts. They're such an eye candy!

Blake is tamed down Serena in real life while Leighton is more adventurous and modern over Blair. Well I've always have a love and hate thing going on with Lil J but I'm not loving her right now or her Pretty Reckless looks.

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